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CFO & Founder

Kevin: Welcome back everybody. It’s Winnipeg Weekends. It’s still dark outside. You can never get used to that. I know it happens every year, but I still react the same all the time. Braden, thanks for the music buddy. You should be a dj. I told you on your part. That should be your full time job today on the main ingredient.

At four o’clock I talked to Chris Britton, who is the owner of Black Tie Cannabis. We talked, man, we talked at a ton maybe cuz I pick his brain about everything. I have so many questions with the legalization of cannabis a couple of years ago, things have completely changed where you can buy it, what you can buy, who is now trying it and for what reason.

I got Chris on the line and we’re gonna chit chat some more. Chris, how are you? 

Chris: Good. Good. How are you doing? 

Kevin: Excellent, sir. You’re up again for me, but a little bit earlier, a little bit earlier this morning. Are you, did you sneak in the car? 

Chris: Pretty close. Pretty close. It’s that I told you it’s the wonders of having a three year old. You just have to be up. Anyways, , I’d love to say it’s for you, but, 

Kevin: Just say it’s for me. Just make me feel better. Say it’s me. I remember the washing is where I used to hide. 

Chris: Yeah. . 

Kevin: It’s a sanctuary in there. Let me tell you, 20 minute washroom trips. Okay, so we talked about cannabis at length yesterday.

Even from the time that we spoke first months ago, things have changed as far as the products that you can bring in. So maybe let’s talk about the things we talked about yesterday, which is the difference between different products, so beverages edibles, topicals, and their uses. So we can start with beverages.

Chris: Yeah, beverages. Those ones like, like we were talking, it’s such a neat use case that people just really haven’t, I think, caught on yet because of how new it is and something you treat more like you do a beer, it’s not, you drink one drink and go to space. It’s have a few of them supplement what else you’re doing.

Give yourself something to work into. There’s a decent variety of lots of strengths and stuff too, which is nice with them. It gives you the option of, going really low and slow with it. Or for more experienced users you can pile on the 10 milligram drinks and go from there, [00:02:00] 

Kevin: which is awesome. And again, a lot of times people think, I’m gonna drink this drink and whoa, what’s gonna happen? The same way that you do alcohol is four to 6% or whatever. We’re talking to beer. You have one beer, hey, know, you feel okay. Two beers and it, so on and so on. It’s the exact same thing. . right?.

Chris: Yeah, exactly. 

And the beer’s one of the better things I think they’re equated to. I don’t like using the alcohol ency all the time cause it really just doesn’t work out, but, I think with the drinks and beer, just that ability, like you said, you, nobody’s expecting you to have one beer and be drunk.

And that’s with these things too, like you’re gonna feel those gradual effects pick up depending on how many of them you’re drinking and such. And they’re a fairly fast onset time too, which is also really fun. Again, aiming to be at that, how alcohol kicks into your system and that type of timeframe.

And these guys, same thing too. A lot of them, within the a 10 minute thing, you start to feel the effects and you get the relaxing feeling and everything else, 

Kevin: right? So let’s talk about edibles and the thing that stood out to me yesterday in our conversation was, Gummy bears or gummies. A lot of people love gummies, but the thing about gummies usually takes what, 30 to 45 minutes for it to kick in. But you got a new product where that’s changed. 

Chris: So some of the fast backing stuff, there’s a range of different varieties different types, whether they need more towards daytime, nighttime, all that fun stuff. But you’re generally, the kick in time for those are gonna be in the five to 10 minutes.

Most people will be closer to five we find. So they do really kick in quite a bit quicker. And then some of them, because of that acting effect, we’ll also have a little bit of an increased statute. So people that are looking for something with a little bit more of a kick to it go in that direction sometimes could be really nice when as well too.

And then also for guys that, know, you’re using as a sleeping thing there’s nothing like going Oh, I’m having trouble sleeping, and then you have to wait an hour or so for that to kick in. And these are something that you. eat little gummy, Go to sleep. 

Kevin: Topicals. We talked about that too. A lot of people use them, but a lot of people either forget that they’re there or don’t know. There’s products that can help them with a lot of different ailments. You use them for your hands and maybe we can get into a lot of topicals that you carry.[00:04:00] 

Chris: Yeah. I, we started off with the bath bombs. That was like the big kick for us where it was like, oh. This categories get some legs under it. There’s a lot of use cases here and people seem to be enjoying the products and then we’re getting them more things like the creams you’re talking like a hand cream you can really rub on under your muscles.

I use it on my hands just cuz it’s really easy to apply on an area like that. But we have rollons, we’ve got we just got a new one to one THC CBD ratio, but it’s like a menthol. Like a bio rub or whatever in that regard. So it’s great on the muscles. It’s been something that’s you’ve, It’s, little sore back or after a game you’re playing sports or something, you’ve got really sore, tight calves.

Rubbing that on is like extremely effective. It’s been really neat stuff. We get to play with it quite a bit. And that stuff gets divvied out through all my damaged family with everybody with a bad knee or something like that. So it’s really neat to see just how it works for everybody. And I, I get to use my family’s kidd pigs all the [00:05:00] time, and I’m like, How are you enjoying?

And it just it’s pretty common how, they have really quite strong effects with that regard. 

Kevin: That’s pretty awesome. Where can people find you? Like, where are you located? How can they locate and contact your shop before I let you go? 

Chris: 6500 Roblin Boulevard out by the perimeter next door to Subway in Charles Wood, 

Kevin: You’re the best men.

Thanks for getting up for me and hiding in your car from your three year old. I Appreci. Anytime. Not a problem. It’s two days in a row. That’s Chris Bri. I know. It’s awesome. Chris Bri, the owner of Black Tie Cannabis in Charles.