Diverse Minds Creative Writing Competition for all High school students

Adriana Glikman National Program Coordinator talks about the Diverse Minds Creative Writing Competition is an educational initiative that invites all high school students in Canada to reflect on the values of diversity and inclusion and write an illustrated book for elementary school-aged students. The competition started in 2018 as a pilot project in Manitoba and has since expanded to other regions in Canada and is now national. Over 70-100 books are received each year from students with positive messages for the younger generation. Prizes include the opportunity to become a publisher, author, and illustrator before graduating high school, as well as up to $5,000 in cash prizes. The deadline for submissions is April 16th and submissions are judged by a panel of human rights youth and advocacy leaders, ministers of education, the chief of police, media personalities, and the president of the Canadian Human Rights Museum. Teachers of finalists also receive a $250 award. Students can enter the competition by visiting their website or by contacting Adriana Glickman, the National Program Coordinator, directly.