Farhan Devji

The Inspiring Story of a Refugee Turned Soccer Star

“From Refugee Camps to Champions League: The Inspiring Journey of Alphonso Davies”

Canadian sports writer Farhan Devji is passionate about two things – sports and writing. And when he combined these two, he produced a book that shared the story of one of Canada’s finest soccer players – Alfonso Davies.

In his book, “Alfonso Davies: A New Hope,” Devji shares the journey of Davies – a young player who made his professional debut at the age of 15. Devji specifically details the challenges that Davies faced as a young player living away from home and the admirable way he adapted to his new environment.

But Davies’ story is not just about his rise to success in professional soccer. It’s about the life he lived before becoming a soccer player. Davies was born on a refugee camp in Liberia and came to Canada as a refugee at the age of 5. The book sheds light on Davies’ refugee background, his journey to professional soccer, and the impact he has had on Canadian soccer.

Farhan hopes that readers will better understand who Davies is as a person and what he went through to reach his current position. Devji says that Davies’ story is an example of what’s possible when refugees are given an opportunity to pursue their dreams. He hopes that readers will take away the message that refugees can achieve success and make significant contributions to the world if given a chance.

Farhan Devji also talks about the process of gathering information for the book, and it is clear that he poured his heart and soul into the project. He consulted with people who knew Davies, including his family members and coaches, and watched footage of his games to ensure that the book was accurate and authentic.