Free Father's Day Event - Caribbean Day on June 18th!

Colleen Haley

Council of Caribbean Organizations of Manitoba’s Vice President, Colleen Haley, talks about the upcoming events for Caribbean Heritage Month. The free Father’s Day event, Caribbean Day, includes a carnival parade, steel bands, DJ’s, limbo, and calypso. On June 24th, there is a fundraising social for the Caribbean pavilion, featuring roti, curry, and a 50/50 raffle. Finally, the GCO Children’s Picnic on June 30th is a free, all-ages event with games, races, and food.

Celebrating Caribbean Heritage Month in Winnipeg

The Council of Caribbean Organizations of Manitoba is a group that brings together members from nine Caribbean organizations to promote and defend their interests. The council has been active in organizing events that showcase Caribbean traditions, culture, and food.

One of the most popular events organized by the council is Caribbean Day, a parade with carnival costumes that is free for the first two hours. The participants are encouraged to wear their country colors and join in the festivities. The event features various attractions such as steel bands, DJs, and calypso music.

The council has been working tirelessly to promote Caribbean culture and traditions in Winnipeg. The organizers hope to establish an ongoing carnival tradition in the city. This will allow people in Manitoba to celebrate the rich diversity of Caribbean culture and traditions.

The council also holds a fundraising social event on June 24th to support their Caribbean pavilion. This pavilion showcases the heritage of Caribbean societies, and all are welcome to attend this fundraising event. It organizes a children’s picnic where children can participate in games and races and enjoy food. This event is designed to provide a fun environment for children to experience Caribbean culture and traditions.

The council plans to dedicate July as Caribbean Heritage Month, with various events planned to celebrate Caribbean culture. The council is proud to have received the DES designation last year. The DES designation stands for Designated Employers Stream – this is a program that fast tracks the process for Canadian employers who want to hire foreign workers.

The council focuses on providing an inclusive environment, and their events are open to everyone. By celebrating Caribbean traditions and heritage, the council is working to create a more cohesive society.

The Council of Caribbean Organizations of Manitoba is an organization that provides a platform for Caribbean organizations to come together. They promote Caribbean culture and traditions in Winnipeg and organize several events throughout the year. These events are designed to showcase Caribbean costumes, steel bands, and other traditions. The council is an excellent example of how different communities can come together to celebrate their heritage and promote understanding and inclusivity amongst all people. The council’s dedication to establishing an ongoing carnival tradition in Winnipeg is a testament to their commitment to promoting Caribbean culture and traditions. The council invites everyone to participate in their events and be a part of the rich and diverse heritage of Caribbean societies. Week one of the DES designation starts from August 6th to the 12th, and the council will continue their efforts to promote Caribbean culture in Manitoba