Changes and Surprises Await Fans at Canada Life Center - Get Ready for the Home Opener!

Norval Riddell

The Winnipeg Jets Hockey Club has been hard at work during the offseason, making significant changes to enhance the fan experience at Canada Life Center. Novell Riddell, the senior VP of sales for TrueNorth and the Winnipeg Jets Hockey Club, recently discussed these exciting developments and encouraged fans to join in the celebrations at the upcoming home opener on October 14th.

One of the major focuses of the renovations has been on the concourses and food and beverage offerings. Riddell explains that extensive improvements have been made to these areas to ensure fans have a more enjoyable time during games. The results are impressive, with changes to the main concourse and the addition of a craft beer corner, which will surely delight beer enthusiasts. Additionally, there are new burger and burrito locations that promise to offer a diverse range of food options to suit everyone’s preferences.

The premium experience at Canada Life Center has also received a significant upgrade. Club lounges have been expanded, allowing premium ticket holders to enjoy an enhanced environment and amenities. In particular, the addition of the Scotia Wealth Management Premium Club and the Crown Royal whiskey hanger in the 300 level will provide a luxurious setting for fans to watch the game.

These changes have not come about randomly. Riddell emphasizes that they are a result of careful planning and customer feedback. The Winnipeg Jets organization values the opinions of fans and takes into account the challenges posed by the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Through surveys and other forms of feedback, they have been able to identify areas for improvement and ensure that the fan experience is top-notch.

In order to cater to the evolving needs and preferences of fans, the Winnipeg Jets have also introduced new membership and game packs. These options provide attendees with increased flexibility and affordability when attending games. Those interested in these packages can find more information on the team’s official website.

As the home opener approaches, Riddell expresses her excitement for the upcoming season and encourages fans to be a part of the changes firsthand. The celebrations on October 14th will be unforgettable, with surprises awaiting attendees upon entering Canada Life Center. Riddell’s passion for the team and the improvements made is evident, and she believes that these enhancements will make for an even better experience for both loyal fans and newcomers.

So, mark your calendars for October 14th and get ready to witness these exciting developments at the home opener, because the Winnipeg Jets are ready to welcome you with open arms.