Garth Rogerson

Red River Ex Association Witchy Wonderland
A (not-so) Fright Fest

The Red River Ex Association, under the leadership of CEO Garth Rogerson, is a powerhouse of activities and community initiatives. With over 200 event days each year, the association is constantly buzzing with excitement and opportunities for the community to engage.

One notable aspect of the association’s community outreach is their commitment to scholarships and daycare services. Since 2020, they have been operating daycare centers that provide a valuable service to the community. This initiative showcases their dedication to supporting families and ensuring accessible child care options.

Not only do they cater to their own events, but the association also rents out its facilities for third-party events including trade shows and corporate gatherings. This aspect of their business has experienced significant growth, prompting the association to consider expanding further and diversifying their offerings.

In their continuous effort to meet the community’s needs, the Red River Ex Association is also planning to build a wedding facility in Winnipeg. This move aims to address the lack of such facilities in the area, providing couples with a beautiful space to tie the knot and create cherished memories.

Looking ahead, enthusiasts of all ages can look forward to the upcoming event, Witchy Wonderland. This thrilling event will feature a mesmerizing dinosaur exhibit, a spine-tingling spider house, a mysterious cemetery, and various other spooky attractions.

CEO Garth Rogerson emphasizes that Witchy Wonderland is designed to be a family-friendly event suitable for all ages. The association is proud to offer trick-or-treating every night, ensuring that children can indulge in the Halloween spirit in a safe and enjoyable manner. On Halloween night itself, a special event will take place where volunteers will generously distribute candy and toys, making it a memorable experience for all.

The association aims to provide a fun-filled and affordable event for the community. To facilitate easy access, tickets for Witchy Wonderland can be purchased online or at the door. Attendees can avail themselves of free parking, enhancing the convenience of the event.

Moreover, Witchy Wonderland promises an array of tantalizing extras. Food trucks will be stationed to appease hungry bellies, delightful music will fill the air, and face painting booths will add an extra touch of magic to the atmosphere. One of the most anticipated highlights is the haunted hayride, guaranteeing thrills and laughter for families who wish to create lasting memories together.

The Red River Ex Association truly embodies the spirit of community engagement and entertainment. With their diverse range of activities, dedication to providing scholarships and daycare services, and their commitment to filling gaps in the community’s needs, they have become a beloved hub for Winnipeg residents. Whether it’s attending their events or benefiting from their outreach initiatives, the association continues to enrich the lives of countless individuals, fostering a sense of togetherness and joy.

"It's just a good community fun night that kids can come out and enjoy." - Garth Rogerson