Executive Chef
Richard Duncun

An Inside Look at Canada Life Center's
Food and Renovations

Canada Life Center, home to the Scotia Wealth Management Club, is not just a venue for thrilling hockey games and riveting performances. It is a culinary haven where Executive Chef Richard Duncan and his team reign, crafting delectable dishes that tantalize the taste buds of athletes, media professionals, and NHL executives alike.

Chef Duncan shares his excitement about recent changes in the venue’s menu and renovations, aimed at enhancing the culinary experience and gathering valuable feedback from patrons. As the conversation between Chef Duncan and host Kevin Burgin unfolds, it becomes evident that the Canada Life Center is more than just a sports arena.

Both the lounge area and the Market Kitchen have undergone renovations to align with the venue’s new culinary program. These changes have been met with resounding positivity, as evidenced by the feedback received during the media night. But efficiency is the key, as Chef Duncan reveals that while they have around 30 kitchens spread throughout the venue, only a few are utilized for full production.

The interview delves deeper into Chef Duncan’s role in the extensive venue, where he compartmentalizes responsibilities for catering, concessions, suites, and various booths. Maintaining a manageable workload and fostering a positive work environment for his team are of utmost importance to him. The chef also relies on sales matrix to streamline food preparation, accounting for different time slots and events.

Coordinating multiple kitchens can present its own set of challenges, but Chef Duncan stresses the significance of effective communication and teamwork. With years of experience catering to diverse acts and bands, the chef highlights the varying requests they receive. Some bands give them creative freedom, while others may have specific preferences, such as one memorable group’s dislike for the aroma of butter-infused popcorn.

One thing is clear: Canada Life Center is not just where memorable moments unfold; it is the epitome of a culinary journey, merging passion for food and entertainment into an extraordinary experience for all who enter its doors.