Ashwyn Singh


Comedy as a Reflection of Society and Self-Expression: A Conversation Comedian Ashwyn Singh



The Journey of a Comedian: From Frustration to Laughter

Comedian Ashwyn Singh takes us on a journey into the world of comedy, sharing his experiences and observations. He discusses his motivation for starting comedy and the challenges he faced along the way. From finding a balance between humor and sensitivity to navigating different audiences, Ashwyn gives us a glimpse into the life of a comedian.


The Beginnings of Comedy

Ashwyn reveals that his entry into the field of comedy was driven by his annoyance with society. He started doing comedy to express his frustrations and found it to be a powerful medium for social commentary. Even getting just one laugh on stage was enough to ignite the passion and push him to pursue comedy further.

Crafting jokes became an iterative process for Ashwyn as he talks about the importance of allowing for failure in public and expresses his frustration with societies that limit freedom of speech. It is through experimentation and finding one’s voice that jokes evolve from being bad to great.


Reading the Room

As he gained experience as a stand-up comedian, Ashwyn learned the art of reading the room. He could anticipate the audience’s reaction and adjust their act accordingly. The role of the audience in the comedy experience and the need for a negotiation between self-expression and entertainment preferences

Performing comedy in different countries was a unique experience for Ashwyn. His background in North America helped him navigate audiences in India, highlighting the universal nature of humor. Comedy, as he explains, transcends cultural and racial boundaries, providing a fresh perspective on social dynamics and giving voice to unspoken thoughts and viewpoints.

A Comedian’s Perspective on Dating and Cultural Assimilation

The podcast episode delves into Ashwyn’s act, where he uses humor to convey his frustration with dating culture in Canada and the challenges he faced as an immigrant. Incorporating elements of Western philosophy, immigration humor, and accent changes, Ashwyn engages the audience with his unique comedic approach.

The episode also explores a viral moment from Ashwyn’s comedy show, where a funny interaction between himself, a woman in the audience, and her mom took place. This moment captured the complexities of real-life experiences and the disconnect between online reactions and the actual show.

"In an art form where failure in public is the requirement, you have to allow for failure in public." Ashwyn Singh