Cirque Musica Holiday Wonderland

Steve Cook, CEO of TCG Entertainment/Cirque Musica


Cirque Musica Holiday Wonderland is a remarkable circus show that has captivated audiences for the past eight years. With each passing year, its popularity continues to grow. In this interview with Steve Cook, CEO of TCG Entertainment/Cirque Musica, we gain insight into the intricate process of creating and organizing this extraordinary spectacle.

The journey of bringing this show to life, as told by Steve, begins with the business side of things. Determining tour locations and durations are crucial decisions that kick-start the entire process. Once these details are settled, the creative process takes flight, focusing on developing the storyline and logistics. Casting the right performers and selecting a skilled crew form an integral part of this phase.

Cirque Musica Holiday Wonderland prides itself on combining exceptional music with unique circus acts sourced from all corners of the world. The ultimate goal is to create an entertaining and exhilarating experience for the audience, offering an escape from the challenges of the world.

The audition process for performers involves networking and receiving an overwhelming number of responses to postings. It is through this process that Steve Cook and his team carefully handpick the most talented individuals to bring their vision to life. Every performer undergoes a rigorous selection process, ensuring only the best join the ranks of Cirque Musica Holiday Wonderland.

For Steve, the most rewarding aspect of the entire show is witnessing the joy it brings to people’s faces. The ability to create lasting memories for families and friends is a testament to the show’s success. It is truly a heartwarming experience that fuels his passion for what he does.

While the show aims to please and entertain, it also embraces the idea of eliciting various reactions from the audience. This adaptability is crucial to ensuring the show remains fresh and appealing. The tour spans across various Canadian cities, with two units covering different regions of the country. Additionally, the show extends its reach to the United States, boasting a grand total of around 80 shows. Each performance promises a high-energy, fun-filled, and family-oriented experience that leaves the audience in awe.

Undoubtedly, organizing and running a circus show of this magnitude comes with its own set of challenges. However, it leaves the cast and crew with genuine humility and a deep sense of fulfillment. The ability to deliver an exceptional show that leaves both venues and audiences amazed is a testament to the dedication and passion invested by the entire team.

Cirque Musica Holiday Wonderland is not just a circus show; it is a sensory extravaganza that combines talent, creativity, and hard work. From the initial planning stages to the final curtain call, every moment is carefully orchestrated to bring joy and wonder to those who experience it. So, if you’re seeking an unforgettable adventure that will transport you to a world of magic and excitement, look no further.

The show comes to Winnipeg Friday, November 17th, at 7:30 PM at the Burton Cummings Theatre