Farm Report November 5th, 2023: Premier's Mandate Letter Highlights Importance of Agriculture

with Harry Siemens

The agriculture sector in Manitoba has received a significant boost with the issuance of an agriculture mandate letter by the premier to the agriculture minister, according to Farm Reporter Harry Siemens. This letter highlights the vital role of agriculture as the backbone of the economy and calls for concerted efforts to support research, innovation, and job creation within the sector.

Harry expresses his deep appreciation for being able to serve the farming community, shed light on the significance of farmers in sustaining the world’s population, and support the premier’s emphasis on agriculture and its potential to drive economic growth in Manitoba.

In this week’s Farm Report with Harry Siemens on the 680 CJOB Winnipeg Weekend show with host Kevin Burgin, they talk about recent events in the agriculture industry. Harry mentions the ongoing corn harvest, a critical time for farmers to gather their crop and make preparations for the coming months. The importance of efficient harvesting processes and preserving the quality of the yield is highlighted as a crucial task for farmers during this period.

Additionally, they chat about an awards banquet for hog producers, recognizing their hard work and dedication. The banquet not only serves as a means of appreciation, but it also provides a platform for hog producers to come together and share experiences, insights, and strategies.