Brews, Business & Big Dreams:
Five Years at Sookram's Brewing Company

with Andrew Sookram

I think that because you love it and it's my passion, it just, it just keeps me going. It keeps, keeps us fueled

Five Years of Passion and Community: Celebrating a Milestone at Sookram’s Brewery.

Five years is a significant amount of time in the rapidly evolving world of craft beer. It marks an era of growth, experimentation, and community building. Sookram’s Brewing Company, nestled in the bustling neighborhood off Pemina, close to South Osborne, celebrates its fifth anniversary, a testament to perseverance, passion, and the love of beer.

The brainchild of Andrew Sookram, Sookram’s Brewing Company has grown from a mere concept discussed over home-cooked batches to a destination for beer enthusiasts. Initially a homebrewer, Andrew Sookram took a leap of faith when he transformed his hobby into a business. This decision came not just from his pursuit of personal happiness but from a profound love for the craft and eagerness to share it with others.

Over the years, Sookram’s Brewing Company has built a portfolio of beers that resonate with its ethos – from the award-winning McGuffin, a California Common that set their standard high, to a core sour, Cosmos, which dominated demand in its debut year. They didn’t shy away from experimenting, pushing boundaries with a multitude of diverse brews that celebrate both artistry and tradition.

Their fifth-anniversary celebrations span a week-long extravaganza, reflective of Sookram’s Brewing Company ethos of community and collaboration. Each day brings a new adventure, from a bowling tournament kick-off to a beer dinner with a fine culinary partner. The celebration also unveils a foray into new territory – a Trinidadian hot sauce, bridging Sookram’s heritage with his brewing artistry.

This milestone isn’t just about looking back but moving forward. Despite the challenges that come with running a business, the thrill of creation and instant feedback from customers who appreciate their flavors makes it all worthwhile for Andrew and his team. There’s an undeniable sense of pride seeing patrons enjoy beers born from one’s imagination and labor.

At the heart of Sookram’s success is the understanding that while beer can entice patrons through the door, it’s the experience that makes them stay. The ambiance of their carefully curated space, the engagement of a knowledgeable staff, and a genuine sense of belonging turn first-time visitors into regulars.

As Sookram’s Brewing Company gears up to celebrate with the community that has supported it through thick and thin, it stands as a beacon — proof that with enough passion and grit, you can turn a dream into a thriving reality. Here’s to Andrew Sookram and Sookram’s Brewing Company, who remind us that the main ingredient in any successful venture is, unmistakably, love.