Kevin Burgin is the host of the winnipeg weekends and the main ingredient on 680 cjob.

kevin has developed a loyal following of listeners and is known for his quick wit and engaging conversations with his guests on winnipeg weekends. he is passionate about discussing current events, health, and lifestyle issues. he also loves to interview interesting people from all walks of life. with his no–nonsense attitude and friendly demeanor, kevin is sure to make you feel welcome and entertained. winnipeg weekends to get the latest news and insights on the issues that matter.

the main ingredient food show on 680 cjob is winnipeg’s premier source for food news and entertainment. the show features interviews with local chefs and restaurateurs, food trends and much more. kevin’s enthusiasm for food shines through, making the show a perfect listen for foodies of all levels. whether you’re a gourmet or a novice in the kitchen, you’ll find something to love on the main ingredient food show.